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      A Fundamental Contradiction in Keynes' Conception of Income 

      Ormazabal Sánchez, Kepa Mirena ORCID (2003-02)
      I contend that Keynes provides two contradictory definitions of aggregate income. According to the first definition, which is the dominant in Keynes as well as the standard in current Macroeconomics, the full value of ...
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      A note on Lopez-Hernandez procedure: New non-hierarchical algorithms in classification of data 

      Garín Martín, María Araceli ORCID (2000-03)
      [EN] In this short note, we make a critique about the procedure developed in the Inductive Algorithm in the Objects of Lopez-Hernandez (1997). It is well known that the determination of maximal cliques in a graph is an ...
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      A note on the implementation of the BFC-MSMIP algorithm in C++ by using COIN-OR as an optimization engine 

      Escudero Bueno, Laureano F.; Garín Martín, María Araceli ORCID; Merino Maestre, María ORCID; Pérez Sainz de Rozas, Gloria ORCID (2010)
      The aim of this technical report is to present some detailed explanations in order to help to understand and use the algorithm Branch and Fix Coordination for solving MultiStage Mixed Integer Problems (BFC- MSMIP). We have ...
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      A Note on Wavelet Correlation and Cointegration 

      Fernández Macho, Francisco Javier ORCID (2013-11)
      In a recent paper Leong-Huang:2010 {Journal of Applied Statistics 37, 215–233} proposed a wavelet-correlation-based approach to test for cointegration between two time series. However, correlation and cointegration are ...
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      A parallelizable algorithmic framework for solving large scale multi-stage stochastic mixed 0-1 problems under uncertainty 

      Escudero Bueno, Laureano F.; Garín Martín, María Araceli ORCID; Merino Maestre, María ORCID; Pérez Sainz de Rozas, Gloria ORCID (2011-02)
      In this paper we present a parallelizable scheme of the Branch-and-Fix Coordination algorithm for solving medium and large scale multi-stage mixed 0-1 optimization problems under uncertainty. The uncertainty is represented ...
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      A Semiparametric Estimation of Liquidity Effects on Option Pricing 

      Ferreira García, María Eva ORCID; Gago, Mónica; Rubio Irigoyen, Gonzalo (1999-09)
      This paper proposes a semiparametric option pricing model with liquidity, as proxied by the relative bid-ask spread. The nonparametric volatility function with liquidity as an explanatory variable is estimated using the ...
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      A Simple Model of Anticompetitive Vertical Integration 

      Sandonís, Joel; Faulí Oller, Ramón (2003-01)
      The result of neutrality of vertical integration for competition postulated by the Chicago School can be supported by a benchmark model with (1) an upstream monopolist, (2) homogeneous goods downstream and (3) observable ...
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      A time varying coefficient model for panel data: Foreign Direct Investment in European OECD countries 

      Mariel Chladkova, Petr ORCID; Orbe Mandaluniz, Susan; Rodríguez González, Carlos ORCID (2007-04)
      The present article reexamines some of the issues regarding the Knowledge-Capital Model that encompasses both horizontal and vertical Foreign Direct Investment described in detail in the literature. The empirical support ...
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      A two-stage stochastic integer programming approach 

      Escudero Bueno, Laureano F.; Garín Martín, María Araceli ORCID; Merino Maestre, María ORCID; Pérez Sainz de Rozas, Gloria ORCID (2005)
      We present an algorithmic approach for solving two-stage stochastic mixed 0-1 problems. The first stage constraints of the Deterministic Equivalent Model have 0--1 variables and continuous variables. The approach uses the ...
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      Absorbing Sets in Coalitional Systems 

      Iñarra García, María Elena ORCID; Kuipers, Jerome; Olaizola Ortega, María Norma ORCID (2001-12)
      The purpose of this paper is twofold: First, to present an approach and a solution for analyzing the stability of coalition structures: We define a coalitional system (a set and a binary relation on that set) that explains ...
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      Adam Smith on Capital and Income 

      Ormazabal Sánchez, Kepa Mirena ORCID (2002-02)
      In this paper I critically analyze Smith's thesis in book I, chapter 6 of the "Wealth of Nations" that the replacement of the capital goods consumed in production becomes fully income. I argue that Smith’s argument is ...
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      Analysis of Length of Time Spent in Chapter 11 Bankruptcy 

      Orbe Lizundia, Jesús María ORCID; Ferreira García, María Eva ORCID; Núñez Antón, Vicente Alfredo ORCID (2001-01)
      This paper investigates original issuers of high yield bonds in Chapter 11 bankruptcy to determine which factors affect the length of time spent in Chapter 11. In order to do this analysis we propose a flexible new duration ...
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      Analysis of the relationship between International Immigration and Unemployement 

      Díaz-Emparanza Herrero, Ignacio ORCID; Miranda Espinosa, Alexandra (2000-10)
      [EN] The relationship between the unemployment and the international immigration is getting interest while the differences between poor and rich countries are stressed. The poor countries offer cheap work force to occupy ...
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      Analysis of volatility transmissions in integrated and interconnected markets: The case of the Iberian and French markets 

      Ciarreta Antuñano, Aitor ORCID; Zárraga Alonso, Ainhoa ORCID (2012)
      This paper models the mean and volatility spillovers of prices within the integrated Iberian and the interconnected Spanish and French electricity markets. Using the constant (CCC) and dynamic conditional correlation (DCC) ...
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      Análisis descriptivo de la población ocupada en la CAPV (1993-1999) 

      Oguiza Tovar, Ainhoa (2003)
      El presente trabajo realiza el análisis descriptivo de la población ocupada en la economía de la CAPV, en el período 1993-1999. Dicho análisis se lleva a cabo con el objeto de comparar la población ocupada con estudios ...
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      Análisis descriptivo del desempleo en la CAPV (1993-1999) 

      Oguiza Tovar, Ainhoa (2003)
      El presente trabajo realiza el análisis descriptivo de la población parada y, posteriormente la que está buscando empleo en la CAPV, en el período 1993-1999. El interés se centra en observar si estamos ante un paro de larga ...
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      Application of the Analysis Cluster in the economic environment. A study of the neighborhoods of Donostia 

      Jiménez López, Mariano ORCID; Zárraga Castro, María Amaya ORCID; Zubia Zubiaurre, Marian ORCID (2000-10)
      [EN] We try to study the quality of life in Donostia, in the sense that we want to study the relationship that can exist among those inhabitants of the housings and the structure of the same ones. We will attempt to look ...
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      Bayesian learning in mis-specified models 

      Schinkel, Maarten-Pieter; Tuinstra, Jan; Vermeulen, Dries (2000-02)
      A central unanswered question in economic theory is that of price formation in disequilibrium. This paper lays down the methodological groundwork for a model that has been suggested as an answer to this question (Arrow, ...
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      Benchmarking of patents: An application of GAM methodology 

      Mariel Chladkova, Petr ORCID; Orbe Mandaluniz, Susan (2007-04)
      The present article reexamines some of the issues regarding the benchmarking of patents using the NBER data base on U.S. patents by generalizing a parametric citation model and by estimating it using GAM methodology. The ...
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      Choice experiment study on the willingness to pay to improve 

      Abdullah, Sabah; Mariel Chladkova, Petr ORCID (2009-06)
      Modern forms of energy are an important vehicle towards poverty alleviation in rural areas of developing countries. Most developing countries’ households heavily rely on wood fuel which impact their health and social–economic ...