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      An estimation of Armington elasticities at the EU-28 level 

      Rueda Gutiérrez, Mikel (2019)
      The Armington substitution elasticity is a key parameter for trade-policy analysis. The purpose of this study then is no other than to re-estimate NEST 11 Armington elasticities making use of the upgraded versions of WIOD ...
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      Analysing energy poverty in Spain 

      Delgado Rubio, Endika (2019)
      In this thesis we study energy poverty in Spain both at the level of concept and reality, using the Spanish family budgets survey for the year 2010. First we introduce the phenomenon of energy poverty analysing lightly its ...
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      Analyzing the beginning of the career path of young professionals from a gender perspective 

      Kallaje, Kristina (2020)
      Young graduates are confronted with rough conditions when they want to enter the labor market. They face higher unemployment rates and are more often engaged in precarious employment, like part-time and/ or temporary ...
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      Common p-belief in rationality in centipede games 

      García Galocha, Aleix (2020)
      Centipede Games represent a classic puzzle in game theory. In this work, we employ p-beliefs to show that almost any behavior is consistent with rationality and almost Common Belief in Rationality. However, Common p-Belief ...
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      Determinants for cultural and sports attendance and practice in the U.S.A. 

      González Fernández, Christian (2020)
      Cultural and sport events are two of the most common leisure activities nowadays. However, leisure time is limited and there may not be sufficient time to enjoy all activities desired. This research studies the effect of ...
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      Earnings-based vs assets-based borrowing constraints and their impact on output 

      Ostolozaga Falcón, Ibai (2020)
      We present an overlapping generations model in order to assess the quantitative effects of financial frictions on output depending on the type of loan contract. Financial frictions are one of the major obstacles of the ...
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      Fiscal policy asymmetries and the sustainability of government debt in the Euro Area 

      Bahadir Karaca, Bayram (2020)
      This paper empirically analyzes fiscal policy sustainability and the cyclicality in 19 Euro Area countries using data on government debt, primary deficit and the output gap. We investigate this over quarterly intervals, ...
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      Green jobs in the Spanish renewable energy sectors: an input-output approach 

      Montilla Colás, Julen (2020)
      After the Paris agreement, the transition to a low carbon economy is at the heart of the debate of the European energy and climate policy. One of the central targets of this transformation proposes changes in the energy ...
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      Health in cities: neighborhood effects and scioeconomic determinants in the Spanish case 

      Fainberg, Alexandra (2020)
      The impact of place on individual outcomes, like health, presents many causal challenges that have disputed treatments in the literature. A 2011 study by Bilger Carrieri addresses them via instrumentation, to surprising ...
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      Impact of the phase out of French nuclear plants on the Spanish electricity market 

      Vera Vera, Cynthia Gabriela (2020)
      One of the key elements in the transition to low carbon economies is the phase-out of fossil-fuel based technologies. Nuclear power, despite not being a high emitting source, is one of the technologies at the heart of the ...
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      Measuring school income segregation in Spain 

      San Vicente Larrondo, Lander (2020)
      In this work, our goal is to answer if Spanish students are differently located among schools depending on their standard of living. In other words, we analyse the segregation by income in schools in Spain. To do so, we ...
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      Pigmentocracy, social mobility and inequality of opportunity in Mexico 

      Abarca Kerlegand, Rodrigo (2020)
      Wealth inequality in Mexico has gained attention in recent years, with a public responding to economic realities that precipitate less security and a more narrow horizon of opportunity for its citizens. This paper examines ...
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      Poverty in the Basque Country and poverty reduction measures 

      Romero Matilla, Gonzalo (2019)
      After the Great Recession, there is a wide debate about the implementation of Minimum Income Schemes (MIS) in order to reduce poverty. In this paper, we analyze the evolution of poverty and inequality in the Basque Country ...
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      Public and private interest politics 

      Miguélez García, Alba (2019)
      This paper analyses the factors that influence politicians to enter politics. The objective of the project is to examine if the main motivation of politicians to enter politics is public interest or private interest. In ...
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      Social class segregation in upper-secondary school choice in Canada 

      Iraburu Muñoz, Pedro (2020)
      The aim of this work is to analyze how the spoken language at home influences the parental decision on school choice in Canada. There is a vast literature on the factors affecting school choice, but very little research ...
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      Territorial distribution of immigrants in Europe 

      Gurrutxaga Urzaa, Aiert (2020)
      Uneven distribution of immigrant population has diverse consequences in countries and societies. We call immigrants those that have a nationality different to the reporting country. Some European regions have an important ...
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      The economic consequences of the Brexit vote 

      Lizarraga Álvarez, Imanol (2019)
      On June 2016, the British people voted to leave the European Union. This unexpected result provides us with the opportunity to study the impact of the vote on the economy. We replicate the work done by Born et al. (2017) ...
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      The effect of a newborn on Spanish households' expenditure 

      Abente Galeano, Raúl Emilio (2020)
      This article aims to carry out an analysis of the effects of a newborn on Spanish households expenditure in 2014 and 2015. A standard difference-in-differences (DID) estimator would then compare the change in expenditure ...
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      The effect of a newborn on the household labour supply 

      Alcaraz Chorro, Aitor (2020)
      This master’s thesis investigates the effect of a newborn on household members’ labour market status. With this goal in mind, we use data from the Spanish Household Budget Survey and causal inference methods to estimate ...
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      The impact of COVID-19 confinement in the Euro Area: a Bayesian DSGE approach 

      García Bernal, Gustavo Julio (2020)
      With the aim of providing a preliminary forecast of the economic repercussion of the recent confinement, we estimate a canonical medium-scale dynamic stochastic general equilibrium model (DSGE) for the Euro Area economy, ...