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      Affinity for the Interface Underpins Potency of Antibodies Operating In Membrane Environments 

      Rujas Díez, Edurne; Insausti González, Sara; Leaman, Daniel P.; Carravilla Palomanes, Pablo ORCID; González Resines, Saul; Monceaux, Valérie; Sánchez Eugenia, Rubén ORCID; García Porras, Miguel; Iloro, Ibon; Zhang, Lei; Elortza, Felix; Julien, Jean Philippe; Sáez Cirión, Asier; Zwick, Michael B.; Eggeling, Christian; Ojida, Akio; Domene, Carmen; Caaveiro, Jose M.M.; Nieva Escandón, José Luis ORCID (Cell Press, 2020-08-18)
      The contribution of membrane interfacial interactions to recognition of membrane-embedded antigens by antibodies is currently unclear. This report demonstrates the optimization of this type of antibodies via chemical ...
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      Focal accumulation of aromaticity at the CDRH3 loop mitigates 4E10 polyreactivity without altering its HIV neutralization profile 

      Rujas Díez, Edurne; Leaman, Daniel P.; Insausti González, Sara; Carravilla Palomanes, Pablo ORCID; García Porras, Miguel; Largo Pereda, Eneko; Morillo Melero, Izaskun; Sánchez Eugenia, Rubén ORCID; Zhang, Lei; Cui, Hong; Iloro, Ibon; Elortza, Felix; Julien, Jean-Philippe; Eggeling, Christian; Zwick, Michael B.; Caaveiro, Jose M.M.; Nieva Escandón, José Luis ORCID (Cell Press, 2021-09-24)
      Broadly neutralizing antibodies (bnAbs) against HIV-1 are frequently associated with the presence of autoreactivity/polyreactivity, a property that can limit their use as therapeutic agents. The bnAb 4E10, targeting the ...
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      Functional Delineation of a Protein–Membrane Interaction Hotspot Site on the HIV-1 Neutralizing Antibody 10E8 

      Insausti González, Sara; García Porras, Miguel; Torralba Iturbe, Johana ORCID; Morillo Melero, Izaskun; Ramos Caballero, Ander; de la Arada, Igor; Apellaniz Unzalu, Beatriz ORCID; Caaveiro, Jose M.M.; Carravilla Palomanes, Pablo ORCID; Eggeling, Christian; Rujas Díez, Edurne; Nieva Escandón, José Luis ORCID (MDPI, 2022-09-15)
      Antibody engagement with the membrane-proximal external region (MPER) of the envelope glycoprotein (Env) of HIV-1 constitutes a distinctive molecular recognition phenomenon, the full appreciation of which is crucial for ...
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      Molecular recognition of a membrane-anchored HIV-1 pan-neutralizing epitope. 

      Torralba Iturbe, Johana ORCID; De la Arada, Igor; Partida Hanon, Angélica; Rujas Díez, Edurne; Arribas, Madalen; Insausti Gonzalez, Sara; Valotteau, Claire; Valle García, Javier; Andreu, David; Caaveiro, Jose M.M.; Jiménez, María Ángeles; Apellaniz Unzalu, Beatriz ORCID; Redondo Morata, Lorena; Nieva Escandón, José Luis ORCID (Nature, 2022)
      Antibodies against the carboxy-terminal section of the membrane-proximal external region (C-MPER) of the HIV-1 envelope glycoprotein (Env) are considered as nearly pan-neutralizing. Development of vaccines capable of ...