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      Global Self-Regulation of the Cellular Metabolic Structure 

      Martínez de la Fuente Martínez, Ildefonso Abel; Vadillo Arroyo, Fernando; Pérez Samartín, Alberto Luis ORCID; Pérez Pinilla, Martín Blas ORCID; Bidaurrazaga Van Dierdonck, Joseba; Vera López, Antonio (Public Library of Science, 2010-03-02)
      Background: Different studies have shown that cellular enzymatic activities are able to self-organize spontaneously, forming a metabolic core of reactive processes that remain active under different growth conditions while ...
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      Impact of Delay on Stochastic Predator–Prey Models 

      Moujahid, Abdelmalik ORCID; Vadillo Arroyo, Fernando (MDPI, 2023-06-12)
      Ordinary differential equations (ODE) have long been an important tool for modelling and understanding the dynamics of many real systems. However, mathematical modelling in several areas of the life sciences requires the ...
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      Modeling and Calibration for Some Stochastic Differential Models 

      Moujahid, Abdelmalik ORCID; Vadillo Arroyo, Fernando (MDPI, 2022-11-28)
      In many scientific fields, the dynamics of the system are often known, and the main challenge is to estimate the parameters that model the behavior of the system. The question then arises whether one can use experimental ...
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      On Deterministic and Stochastic Multiple Pathogen Epidemic Models 

      Vadillo Arroyo, Fernando (MDPI, 2021-08-12)
      In this paper, we consider a stochastic epidemic model with two pathogens. In order to analyze the coexistence of two pathogens, we compute numerically the expectation time until extinction (the mean persistence time), ...
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      On the Zero-Neutron Density in Stochastic Nuclear Dynamics 

      Vadillo Arroyo, Fernando (MDPI, 2021-11-04)
      In this short paper, we compare the deterministic model for the nuclear reactor dynamic (Hetrick, 1993) with the stochastic model (Kinard and Allen, 2004). Our numerical results show coincidences between the deterministic ...
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      The Number of Catalytic Elements Is Crucial for the Emergence of Metabolic Cores 

      Martínez de la Fuente Martínez, Ildefonso Abel; Vadillo Arroyo, Fernando; Pérez Pinilla, Martín Blas ORCID; Vera López, Antonio; Veguillas Losada, Juan Emilio (Public Library of Science, 2009-10-19)
      Background: Different studies show evidence that several unicellular organisms display a cellular metabolic structure characterized by a set of enzymes which are always in an active state (metabolic core), while the rest ...