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      Discovery of 42 genome-wide significant loci associated with dyslexia 

      Doust, Catherine; Fontanillas, Pierre; Eising, Else; Gordon, Scott D.; Wang, Zhengjun; Alagöz, Gökberk; Molz, Barbara; Research Team, 23andMe; Quantitative Trait Working Group of the GenLang Consortium* (Manuel Carreiras); St Pourcain, Beate; Francks, Clyde; Marioni, Riccardo E.; Zhao, Jingjing; Paracchini, Silvia; Talcott, Joel B.; Monaco, Anthony P.; Stein, John F.; Gruen, Jeffrey R.; Olson, Richard K.; Willcutt, Erik G.; DeFries, John C.; Pennington, Bruce F.; Smith, Shelley D.; Wright, Margaret J.; Martin, Nicholas G.; Auton, Adam; Bates, Timothy C.; Fisher, Simon E.; Luciano, Michelle (SPRINGER NATURE, 2022)
      Reading and writing are crucial life skills but roughly one in ten children are affected by dyslexia, which can persist into adulthood. Family studies of dyslexia suggest heritability up to 70%, yet few convincing genetic ...